RM Bridge V11i Basic training

Location: Karvesvingen 2 på Hasle i Oslo
From: date to be informed
Price: NOK 9.500,-
The price includes training, lunch, documentation and diploma.

  • Introduction to RM Bridge
  • Modeling of the bridge geometry
  • Transfer from geometry to beam model
  • Load application
  • Tendon geometry and tensioning procedure
  • Load combinations
  • Reinforcement design
  • Capacity control
  • Post-processing of results

The purpose of this course is to create a general understanding of the basic functionalities of the RM Bridge software and practical understanding of modeling and analysis of a post-tensioned concrete bridge:

  • Construction stage analyses including long-term effects
  • Final stage analysis including moving traffic, settlement and temperature
  • Load groups and load combinations according to ULS, SLS
  • Design of necessary reinforcement

After introduction into the program features of the RM Bridge and treating basic theoretical principles, the participants will be guided through 2 days of exercise in order to get the understanding for the practical use of the software. The training example is documented for later self-training.

After the course the participants will be able to generate their own geometry and carry out modeling and static analyses of bridges including construction simulation. The understanding of the RM Bridge will be good enough for the participants to guide themselves into more elaborate analyses or proceed to advanced courses.
This course is an introduction course so no previous RM Bridge knowledge or experience is required. Basic knowledge of analysis using FEM software is however an advantage for the full course understanding.

The course is delivered over two full working days, from 8:30 to 16:00, with breaks for lunch and coffee.

The course will be held in Norwegian. If requested, the course can be held in English.

The training fee will not be refunded for participants that cancel within five days of planned training. COWI reserves the right to cancel planned training if insufficient attendance.

Arne Bruer has over 30 years of experience in structural design and FEM analysis. He has been using RM Bridge since 1985 and has been responsible for training and support for RM Bridge since 1990. He has a Civil Engineering degree from the Technical University of Trondheim (1982).
About the instructor Arne Bruer

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Cathrin Lunde Johansen
Marine & Foundation Engineering, Norway

Tel: +47 450 21 243

Ta kontakt

Arne Bruer
Engineering Specialist
Marine & Foundation, Norway

Tel: +47 900 85 087